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Homepage / Dashboard
The Aristotle 360 Dashboard is one of two landing pages when users log in.  To change your landing page, go to SETTINGS on the menu bar and click MY USER SETTINGS. Here users can toggle their landing page to either the Dashboard or the Homepage. The Dashboard layout is divided into three...
21 Aug, 2009
Quick Selections on the Home Page
In the right-hand side of the Home Page you will see the Quick Selections. There are several different quick selections located here. The different quick selections include, but not limited to, All Individuals, All Organizations, All Committees, All Legislators, Recent Contributions,...
17 Dec, 2011
Records per Code on the Dashboard
Records per Code on the Dashboard When using the Records per Code on the Dashboard, it will only show you the top 20 records by count.  If you do not have universal quick codes selected, it will not pull codes for  "Records per all quick codes."
25 Mar, 2010