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Bills & Votes
Bills and Votes - Tracking From Federal and State Feeds
Bills and Votes The Bills and Votes dashboard page shows a list of the bills and votes you have chosen to track. Aristotle 360 permits admins to track both Federal and State Bills and Votes.To get to the dashboard page, click on Bills and Votes tab and choose Dashboard. The Bills and Votes...
10 Oct, 2017
Bills and Votes Data
Bills and Votes Data State Bill and Vote Tracking We have integrated a data call between Aristotle 360 and the OpenStates Project. Open States provides access to all US State Bills & Votes data under their Creative Commons Attribution License. We have taken their data and integrated within...
26 Sep, 2018
Searching for Bill Sponsors - Federal or State
Searching For Bill Sponsorship in Query Builder User can a) search for legislators in query builder based on bill sponsorship and b) add bill sponsorship data to current selection. Bills can be Federal or State. There is separate field (Legislator State Bills Sponsored) for searching based on...
10 Oct, 2017
Search For Legislators By Votes - Federal or State
Search for Legislators by Vote Aristotle 360 now supports searching for legislators based on votes within Query Builder. You can search for legislators based on one or multiple votes. Please note that these queries are intensive and may run for a minute or more. How To: Search->Query...
17 Jan, 2018
Track Bill Manually
The Track Bill Manually section allows you to manually hand enter an existing bill for you to keep track of and update. Bill Information When entering the Bill Number, be sure to enter the correct ID number given to the Bill. If it is a Federal Bill, there is a Federal selection in the State...
17 Jan, 2018
Track Vote Manually
The 'Track Vote Manually' feature allows you to manually keep track of information about a specific Congressional bill or amendment (bolded fields are required). Using the buttons at the very top, you can save the vote, delete it, or publish it to make it viewable on your website if you are...
17 Jan, 2018