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Form 3
FEC Form 3
FEC Form 3 is used by quarterly filers to disclose the financial transactions which took place in a given period. Accounts - Select the filing committee you would like to run the FEC Form 3 report for. Additionally, you will need to select the bank accounts whose transactions you would like to...
04 Oct, 2010
Proper data entry for Reattribution of contributions on FEC Form 3 or 3X
The following is an example of a contribution that was reported in Q1, but then was partially reattributed to a spouse/other person during Q2. This involves 4 transactions in total: 1) The original contribution Example: Entity: Ellen Nye TYPE: Contribution SUBTYPE: Check Date: 03/13/2010 Amount:...
04 Oct, 2010
FEC Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart
Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart Schedule A (Contributions) Line Entity Type Subtype Line 11(a)   contributions (other than loans) from individuals/persons other...
06 Feb, 2014
Getting "Personal Funds" to pull to Schedule C when the Loan is from the Candidate (Form 3)
The FEC Form 3 code will mark a field on the efile that the Loan is from "Personal Funds" when the subtype is "Made by Candidate". When that field is "Y" the fec print engine prints "[Personal Funds]" next to the candidate name. The other method is to add a "Receipt Code" on the Loan Record. 1)...
04 Oct, 2010