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Administrator Utilities
User setup
User Setup The User Setup utility has several areas where the Administrator enables or disables CM5 functions: Subfile access and editing ability, Multi-Dataset access, and word processor settings. Each user should have a unique User Name and Password. User Settings Step-by-Step… ...
11 Mar, 2010
Backing up data
Backing Up Data It is very important to regularly back up your database in the event that something beyond your control (like a system crash, lightning strike, or theft) should occur.   The Campaign Manager 5 program folder is called “CM5”. Within this folder are Data and List ...
11 Mar, 2010
Dataset Utilities
Dataset Utilities Selecting System from the Utilities menu gives you access to operating preferences and productivity tools.   Autofill: When checked, this option automatically places entries in the following Master Record fields: Mail Name, Salutation, Sex, City, State, County, and...
11 Mar, 2010
Editing the Zip Code table
Editing the Zip Code Table When you enter a Zip Code in a Master Record, the City, State, County, and Congressional District fields are automatically populated with information stored in the Zip Code Table. There are times when you will need to make modifications to an existing Zip Code or add...
11 Mar, 2010
Add, edit, delete, merge or rename a table entry
Editing Tables The Edit Tables feature enables you to add, rename, merge, or delete table entries. The same procedure is used for all Table modifications. The Edit Tables fly-out menu lists the tables that can be modified. They are: •  Affiliations •  Contributions Sources ...
11 Mar, 2010
Merging Datasets
Merging Datasets The Merge Datasets utility merges Records from one Dataset (Source) into another (Destination). This utility scans Records in the Source Dataset for duplicates prior to importing the Records into the Destination Dataset.   The merge Datasets feature is most commonly used...
11 Mar, 2010
Limit Warning Messages
Limit Warning Messages This feature enables your Committee to create warning messages that are triggered when an entry into the Contributions or Disbursements Subfile exceeds the set limit. For example, when a contributor reaches the legal contribution limit for the Primary election, a warning...
11 Mar, 2010
Modifying check forms
Modifying Check Forms Campaign Manager 5 contains a three-part check form that you can customize and personalize with your Committee Name and Address. This template has been designed to Autofill the Payee Name, Address, Amount, and Memo (Purpose field) from the Master Edit and Disbursement ...
11 Mar, 2010
Finding Similar Records
Administrative Utilities The Utilities menu offers tools for setting up and maintaining the Campaign Manager 5 Dataset. Also included are tools for shelling to DOS and importing data from sources other than CM5. You will use the Utilities menu to create and modify Table entries, set...
11 Mar, 2010
Live update
Live Update Live Update is the process by which Aristotle updates your program on a regular basis and ensures that you always have the most recent programs and reports. You may run Live Update at any time and it will always know what is current on your system and what is outdated. To start ...
11 Mar, 2010

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