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Accounting and Contribution Types
Accounting The accounting features in Campaign Manager 5 enable you to file a compliant financial disclosure report. The program manages the Contribution and Disbursement transactions within one Dataset. You cannot only create financial disclosure reports, but also helpful in-house fundraising...
11 Mar, 2010
Adding Contributions Data
Adding Contribution Data   To enter Contribution data you must first locate and open the Master Record or Create a new Record. Step-by-Step… 1.  Open Contributor’s Record. 2.  Select the Contributions Subfile by clicking on the Contributions tab or pressing Alt+C. ...
11 Mar, 2010
Bank Accounts
Bank Accounts The CM5 Bank Accounts feature allows you to maintain one Dataset yet keep financial transactions for separate Committees, possibly a separate federal and a separate state or local Committee. This utility is most beneficial to Committees that have an interest in maintaining more...
11 Mar, 2010
Approving Checks and Check Approval Report
Approving Checks   At the end of every day, or every week, or whatever your organization deems appropriate, a Supervisor can approve check requests submitted by other Users. Only Management or a User with Supervisor privileges in User Setup can only perform this function. Step-by-Step… ...
11 Mar, 2010
Print Checks
Printing Checks There are several ways to process Disbursements and print checks from the Disbursement Subfile: •  Print Check: Checking the Print checkbox processes the Disbursement immediately by sending the Disbursement directly to the printer.   •  Batch Check: To...
11 Mar, 2010
Approving Disbursement Checks
Approving Disbursement Checks The new Check Approval feature enables you to request that the Committee make a contribution to another committee by entering an Other Disbursement or a Contribution to Federal or State/Local Committee into the Disbursement Edit screen of that Committee’s record,...
11 Mar, 2010
Budget Account or Budgeting
Budgeting The Budget accounting feature enables you to create budget codes to track Contributions and Disbursement transactions. The Budget Account feature enables you to assign a unique number sequence to a budget category, set a date parameter to monitor and calculate financial transactions,...
11 Mar, 2010
Disbersements and Disbersements Batch Reports
Disbursements The Disbursement Subfile is where expenditures are recorded and stored. CM5 manages Disbursement data to produce accurate state and federal financial disclosure reposts. This Subfile is also where you process accounts payable and generate checks.   Disbursement Subfile...
11 Mar, 2010
Change or Delete Contribution Data
Changing and Deleting Contribution Data  ADVISORY: To maintain the integrity of your data for financial disclosure reports, it is important not to delete or overwrite contribution data unless you are absolutely sure you want to remove the data from the Record’s history. Even if the...
11 Mar, 2010
Bank Reconcilation and Settling Credit Cards
Bank Reconciliation Campaign Manager 5 provides a Bank Reconciliation utility that enables you to balance multiple bank accounts. Drop-down menus allow for easy and accurate data entry. The Bank Reconciliation steps are similar to the steps you would take to balance your bank account at home....
11 Mar, 2010

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