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Deleting a Record
Deleting Records You can delete a Record from the Dataset. Prior to permanently deleting a Record, CM gives you a warning message to confirm whether or not you wish to permanently delete the Record. We advise that you delete Records with extreme caution. Retrieving a deleted Record is...
11 Mar, 2010
Changing Master Records
Once a record has been created or retrieved, you mah add a Subile entry, change Address information, link the record to another Record by Householding or by using the new Link Records feature, merge the Record with another or simply create a reminder to call the individual on Monday when he or she...
11 Mar, 2010
Merge Duplicate Records
Merging Duplicate Records    If you find you have duplicate Records, you may merge the data to make one Record. Each time you make a modification to a Record, the Master Record’s Updated field is stamped with the current date. The date in the Updated field reflects the last time the...
11 Mar, 2010
Householding Records
Householding Records CM allows you to create a virtual household by linking the Records for individuals who share the same address. You may create a distinctive Household Mail Name and  Household Salutation while retaining a unique Mail name and Salutation for the Master Record.  ...
11 Mar, 2010
Adding a new Record
   Creating New Records There are several ways to create a new Master Record.    • Manually: You can manually create a new Record by following the instructions below.   •  Search and Create: You can create a new Record using the Name Search...
11 Mar, 2010