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System Reports
Briefing Book report
A Briefing Book report provides a complete view of individuals that are important to the committee, including any added photos. Go to Reporting > General Reports > Breifing Book. Some common uses for this report include:   • Print and use to highlight major donors for...
17 Dec, 2011
Disbursement Transaction List report
The Disbursement Transaction List report is the base report interface for the following Disbursement Financial reports: Disbursements by Month, Disbursements by Type, Disbursements by Party, Disbursements by Leg. House, Disbursements by Jurisdiction, Disbursements by Period, Disbursements by Batch...
11 Jun, 2009
Individual Details report
Individual Details report includes pertinent details about a single individual record, a group of individual records, or a list of individual records. Report Options: To select a single individual, go to Search > Individual Search > Basic Search and enter...
17 Dec, 2011
Receipt Transaction List report
Receipt Transaction List is the base report interface for the following Receipt Financial reports: Receipts by Quarter, Receipts by Type, Receipts by Election Period, Receipts by Election Quarter and Receipts Batch Report Report Options: Enter Receipt Start Date and Receipt End Date...
11 Jun, 2009
Transaction report
Transaction reports provide the information necessary to review, plan, and audit your organization’s financial data input into Aristotle 360. The Transaction report combines some of the same reporting parameters as does the Receipt and Disbursement Transaction List with a few extra data points...
15 Aug, 2012
Contribution Analysis report
Contribution Analysis Report displays receipts with Type = Contribution for a specified time period.  This report is useful if you are looking for a statistical breakdown on the contributions received.  This report will show you percentages, averages, highest, lowest and other useful...
11 Jun, 2009
Check Request report
A Check Request report lists requests for checks for a specific Payee or all payees, and by all individuals making requests, or requests by a specific entity. This report is commonly used by PACs that contribute to candidates and have a division of oversight, or checks and balances, between the...
11 Jun, 2009
Total Receipts per Election Period Report
To pull the Total Receipt Per Election Period: 1. Go to Search > List Manager > Find List 2. Open as Universal list > Individuals (lightning bolt icon) 3. On Right-hand side, I clicked Add/Edit Fields and Calculations 4. Under Calculated Fields select Total Receipts and click Add (>)...
17 Dec, 2011
Error running System event contribution report
Problem: When doing a system event contribution report, the resulting totals are incorrect or the results are inconsistant. Solution: Do a name search with an astrisk(*) and the wild card box checked to clear the current selection.  Run the report again.
20 Apr, 2010