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A Standard Sign-Up form is a form used for volunteers. Here’s a sign up form used to recruit volunteers to participate in a walk-a-thon.     A Short Sign Up Form is used to gather a few pieces of information from an interested party. Here, a short sign-up form is being used to recruit...
07 Mar, 2010
Adding A New Public Page
Adding a New Public Page From the management menu, select Public.     To create a new public page, click the buttom Add Public Pages.       Page Settings:  On the left side: Page Name: Name the page you are creating (i.e. MayFest RSVP, Yard Signs Contribution Page,...
07 Mar, 2010
Hosting Your Own Public Page
Can I host the Public Page myself?   Yes, but we don't recommend it.  How to do it:         -Build a PublicPage in Back Office (see the Hot Tip on Public Pages for more information).         -Build your own...
07 Mar, 2010