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Defining queries
Query Join
The Query Join menu indicates the relationship of each criteria to the statements already part of your existing query.  There are four options for creating these relationships: and, or, and not, and or not.  Query Join will have no effect on the first line of your query. Join uses...
07 Mar, 2010
Relational Operator
Date and Numerical fields will require you to enter a number in the Value box so that the database can compare the contents of the field to what you have entered.  Then select from the following list of Relationships to describe how your results should compare to your Value entry:  ...
07 Mar, 2010
Example Sub-Query
Example Sub-Query What is the difference between a Query and a Sub-Query?   For example, if you select the query below,  you will locate all Individual and Organization records who have made at least one contribution before January 1, 2000.       Once the above line has...
07 Mar, 2010