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Searching for an Individual
Show  Searching for an Individual   Click on the Add/Search tab at the top and select Individual. On the Individual Search screen, there are several boxes. The Search By box allows you to enter the first name, last name and/or middle...
07 Mar, 2010
Editing an Existing Individual
How to view or edit an existing Individual   Click on the Add/Search menu.   On the Individual Search screen, enter in the name of the individual you would like to find in the database. (If you are unsure of the spelling of the individual’s name, make sure that the Fuzzy...
07 Mar, 2010
Find and Combine Duplicate Records
How to combine duplicate records Add/Search for an individual or organization. Use the Search fields to locate the record that you suspect to be a duplicate. Click Combine with Duplicate button at the top of the screen. You will be taken to a Organization or Individual...
07 Mar, 2010