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Aristotle 360 API
Getting started with the Aristotle 360 API
Introduction The Aristotle 360 API enables you to configure your website, 3rd Party application, and other external resources to communicate with your Aristotle 360 dataset.  The Aristotle 360 API (version 2.0) is comprised of 11 core web-services associated with the core 360 entity types,...
10 Feb, 2010
Creating Entities and Transactions Using the API
All “set web services” take the same data structure that the “get web service” uses. Also, when you pass in a Random GUID to the get web service, it will return you an empty data set with all the structure you need to save a new record.   The other part that is missing is that there is...
10 Feb, 2010
Example Web-Application using the 360 API
Using the Aristotle 360 api, we have developed a sample web application that demonstrates how to search, select, and update individual records within 360, as well as add a new receipt (contribution) record to an individual.  This sample application was developed using ASP.NET 3.5 (C#). View...
19 Apr, 2010
Creating new individual with email information - sample
getIndividualInfoWebService.getIndividualInformationWebService wsIndInfo = new API_Test.getIndividualInfoWebService.getIndividualInformationWebService(); string newIndGUID = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(); DataSet dsInd = wsIndInfo.getDetail(newIndGUID, username, password); // check if it passed...
29 Apr, 2011
getList() Method
The getList() method can be used for number of things, but  the most frequently you will want to use this function in order to retrieve a list of options for a foreign key in the parent table.  input parameter is a table name that you are trying to query. Output is a dataset that if...
10 May, 2011
API XML string return value
 All the new SET web services calls do not return a dataset (like our older calls do), but an XML string that might look something like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <result> <status>OK</status> <ID>ID of a record that got added or updated. It will depend on the...
02 Jun, 2011
Add/Update Individual Employer
 To add a new individual employer record the following function should be used. Note: if an individual already has an employer it will add this employer as a secondary employer record. If you want just to replace (update) an employer please see below for an example...
02 Jun, 2011
Adding Individual to a Group
Service: Method: AddIndividualToGroupByGroupGUID Parameters: 1. individual ID (GUID); 2. group ID (GUID) - egp_GUID Returns:...
07 Jun, 2011
Add individual to a group by specifying group and category names
Service: Method: AddIndividualToGroupByGroupAndCategoryName Parameters: 1. individual ID (GUID); 2. group name, 3 category name, 4....
13 Jun, 2011
Add Individual and Receipt info
 Currently there are two web service calls that will allow you to accomplish this easily. The first one is used if you do not have an individual id (ind_GUID) value. In that case the individual matching will be done based on first name + last name + email address. If no individual record is...
21 Jun, 2011