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Why are repayment and/or forgiveness transactions itemizing on an Outstanding Loan/Debt/Obligation Schedule?
If there is a schedule for outstanding loans or liabilities, you might notice an itemized transaction that is either negative or represents a child transaction of the outstanding obligation. You might be wondering why these transactions are showing up when you should only be...
22 Dec, 2009
Troubleshooting: Partnership memos not displaying
Partnership memos not displaying If you create a Partnership - "Memo" and link it to each individual, you may wonder why it won't print out on a report.  The reason is: The Organization Type "Partnership/LLC"  and "Association" are not supported by the Federal Reports. You...
04 Oct, 2010
1099 Form
1099 in Aristotle 360 Unfortunately, the 1099 is not supported in 360. Clients will have to file that form themselves.   
19 May, 2011