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Activity Management
About Activities
Aristotle 360 Activities allow users to track activity performed on records (entities) in the system, assign ownership of each activity, and manage the state/status of each of the records.  In its most basic usage, Activities will let you use Aristotle 360 as a a full fledged contact history...
10 Jun, 2009
Activity Types
There are currently six types of activities, five of which can be created individually: Phone Call Email Direct Mail Task Appointment Fax (cannot be created individually)
10 Jun, 2009
Completing Activities
Activities have two general statuses: open and closed.  Activities typically start as open and switch to closed upon completion.  For example, a phone call can have the open status of "Call Back", which can switch to the closed status of "Left Message."  In the Activities panel on...
17 Dec, 2011
Assigning Activities
Each activity has at least one sender and receiver.  The activity will show up in the activity panel of both the sender and the receiver.
10 Jun, 2009
Searching Activities
You can try to find an activity by going to the Search option on the main menu, and then mousing over the submenu: Activity Search.  There are various kinds of activity searches, each tailored to search for a certain attribute in an activity.
10 Jun, 2009
Exporting Activities
You must first have the results of an activity search (See Searching Activities).  On the page of results, there will be a link to "Export Results", where you can choose the fields to export, and the format of the export (Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Values).
10 Jun, 2009