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Mass Activity Wizard
About Mass Activity Wizards
Mass Activity Wizards allow you to create many tasks simultaneously, instead of one by one.  In general, a mass activity wizard lets you pick a list of receivers, whether it be a stored list, a quick selection, etc.  Then you can choose multiple senders among which to divide the...
10 Jun, 2009
Using Mass Email Wizard for Blast Fundraising Emails
Mass email has the option of directly sending the email to all targeted individuals, instead of making campaign member send the emails manually. To send a blast fundraising email in 360, go to Activities > New Mass Activity > Mass Email Wizard. This can be used in conjunction with the Web...
17 Jul, 2012
Merge Fields
Merge fields allow you to insert user-specific information in an individual activity, while using a mass activity wizard.  For example, if you use the Mass Email Wizard, you could make the first line of the email be "Dear #FIRSTNAME#".  If the receiver of the email was John, the actual...
11 Jun, 2009
Email Template Editor
When you use the Mass Email Wizard, you have the option of importing a template when creating the content of your email. If you just want to edit templates without sending an e-mail, go to the main menu bar, go to Settings > Template Editor. You can either click on an existing template or "Add...
13 Aug, 2018
Email Subscription Manager
Many times while sending out mass e-mails, a few of the recipients will wish to stop receiving further e-mails.  By default, e-mails sent with the Mass Email Wizard have a link at the bottom, which the recipient can click to unsubscribe from further mailings.  The link will direct them...
17 Dec, 2011
HTML Editor
A few pages in Aristotle 360 have a toolbar that looks like this: When you see such a toolbar, you are being asked to edit HTML content.  The HTML editor that is part of this toolbar is called FCKeditor, and more information about its usage can be found here:...
11 Jun, 2009