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Creating a Household
To create an Aristotle 360 Household, first select an Individual record of one member of the household. The Household Search box appears. The first step is to search to see if any households exist. Click Search Button Click Create The Household Edit window appears. Aristotle 360...
11 Jun, 2009
Removing a Household from an Individual Record
If a household link exists for an individual and you want to remove that link to the household, click the Remove Household button from the individual’s record page.
11 Jun, 2009
The household screen makes it easy to edit member information, add a salutations for the family, record pertinent notes in the Remarks panel, change an individual’s role using the drop-down menu, open an individual’s record by clicking View, or add a new member to the household by linking...
09 Dec, 2013
Relationships between Individuals - Householding
The only way relationships can be established between invidividuals is by householding. Individuals can be linked to Poltical committees or organizations as committee staff(for PAC's) and employees/members for Organizations.
20 Mar, 2010