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Adding Components to Campaigns
The Components in Aristotle 360 are the activities you conduct to support and reach the goals of a Campaign. You select components according to the strategic plan developed for the Campaign. Aristotle 360 provides five categories of campaign components: Events (can also be created using the...
17 Dec, 2011
Creating a New Campaign
Beginning on the Campaign View/Search page, use the Search for existing campaigns fields to search the system to make sure the campaign you want to create has not already been created. If no existing campaign is found, click the Add New Campaign option. The Campaign page redisplays with a...
11 Jun, 2009
How to Create an Email Component for a Campaign
1. Beginning on the Campaign Page of your target Campaign, select the Campaign Components Panel Pane. 2. The Campaign Components Panel Pane displays. Click the Add Component button. 3. The Add Components Button List appears. Click the New Email button. 4. The Email Component Page displays. Notice...
11 Jun, 2009
How to Add a Component to a Campaign
1. Beginning on the Campaign page of a selected Campaign, click the Campaign Components Panel Pane to expand it. 2. The Components Panel appears. Click Add Component to add a new component to the Campaign. 3. The Add Components Button List appears. Click a button to add that component type. 4....
11 Jun, 2009
Using the Report Panel Pane for Email Components
Once you have sent the email, you can use the Reports Panel Pane to view the status of the emails sent. Beginning on the Email component page of the Email Component you created for your Campaign, select the Reports Panel Panel. The Reports Panel displays. The Email Statistics: area shows...
11 Jun, 2009