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Creating a New Individual Record
Creating a New Individual Record If an Individual does not exist in your dataset, you will need to create the individual. Please follow the below instructions to create a new individual: Go to File > New Individual or Ctrl+Alt+I. Enter the Basic information for the individual and select...
18 Dec, 2011
Adding a Picture to an Individual Record
One of the many unique features of Aristotle 360 is the ability to add a picture to an Individual Record. Keep in mind that the area available for the photo is small, and that full-face photos will better serve your purpose. Also, try to keep file size to a minimum. To maintain high resolution,...
11 Jun, 2009
Create a New Individual
There are multiple places to create new individuals.  These include Quick Entry, Individual Page, File Menu, and Hotkeys. To create a new Individual, go to File > New Individual or select Ctrl+Alt+I, if you have hot keys turned on. This will open up into a New Individual Page....
11 May, 2016
How to add employer information
To add employer information you will want to follow the following steps. 1. Expand the Additional Details tab of the individual record. 2. Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the Employer field. 3. Click on the Add Emplyer button. 4. Type the exact name of the employer in the Search...
30 Jun, 2009
Adding a Zip Code to an Individual
Within the Individual record – Address Information section: 1. Enter in the address in Line 1 (or go directly to the Zip Code field). 2. Tab through to the Zip Code field and enter in the Zip Code. 3. Tab once more and the rest of the address with automatically populate (called Address...
31 Jul, 2009
(UPDATED) Walkthrough: Using the Import Wizard
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Walkthrough: Using the Import Wizard   The Import Manager, under the File tab, allows you to import a group of records into your database in a single operation. By mapping the columns of your import, you have great...
30 Aug, 2013
Setting a Primary Contact for an Organization
Making an Individual an Employee To begin, first locate the individual in the 360 database. This is done using quick search. Once the record is found, click on the record to access it. Inside the record towards the top of the page in the “Basic Information” section...
02 Oct, 2013